Summer holidays for us means a couple of weeks to slow down, head out for coffee, go for bike rides, lots of swimming and often heading to the beach for a morning adventure. Morning beach adventures mean lots of sunscreen, hats, towels, chopped up fruit, a tent for some shade, and a beach cart ride for our babe.

There is a secret spot along our local coastline that my husband loves to surf and even though he visits almost every weekend, this was the first time we had been there as a family. It involves a bit of a bush walk to get there but the calm, quietness is worth it.

The water was so lovely and fresh and being in the ocean always makes you feel good. I always picture something floating away with the waves, perhaps any negative thoughts, any stress or worries, or even the past year. It is just so nice to dive through the waves and let the water wash away 2017.

It is such a shame I don’t make more time during the working year to go for swims. It makes me so happy and I often forget just how good it feels.

For now, I will leave this here as a reminder to myself to do more of what feels good.

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