I have entered a ‘sweet spot’ in mothering my daughter. She is a keen walker, eater, sleeper and is just generally good at being gorgeous. Our routine works and our days are fairly relaxed and easy.

The early days were full of stress, frustration, and exhaustion. Just before my daughter turned one we experienced constant day care sickness including hand foot and mouth virus, croup, ear aches, a constant runny nose and a mostly grumpy girl. Now at 16 months, Margot is full of energy, and learns new words and tricks at such a rapid rate that I cannot keep up with documenting all the goodness!

I am basking in this time of joy for even though this is my first child I know only too well that if I am enjoying my time now that something unexpected and grim lies around the corner – the next phase of crazy!

I am not being pessimistic, nor am I a negative person but mothering is all about ebb and flow. Enjoying the flow and enduring the ebb.

For now, I will enjoy the flow….spend sunny winter days outside catching up with friends, playing at the park, and taking loads of photos.

I don’t know what the next phase will bring, but it will no doubt challenge me. I am ready for it but hopeful that this flow phase stays around a little while longer.

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